When is this day? May 12

What is this day? National “YA DIG!” Day is an acronym for YOU ARE DESTINED IN GREATNESS. This is a day to celebrate self awareness, self worth and self evolution. This day is meant to inspire and motivate each person to reflect on how valuable they are. Every life is precious and it should be treated as such, so if this day can bring hope to one person it’s worth celebrating! 

“YA DIG!” was always mentioned by Shauncy Lanier Davis to those that he loved and to those that he knew would thrive in life. He was and still is the beacon to so many, whether he spoke inspiring words, gave hugs to those who felt hopeless, or gave a listening ear to those who felt unheard. He loved to see people succeed and he continues to bring hope to so many. May 12th is his birthday and it would be an absolute blessing that he is celebrated so that those who didn’t know him personally will find the hope and drive from this day to keep going.

Who created this day? This day was founded by the Adizahyr To Live Foundation the in 2020. 

How should this day be celebrated or observed? “YA DIG!” Day should be celebrated on May 12th each year as a day where we spread words of encouragement, give hugs, or simply listen to people who feel that no one is listening.